Apple Logic X and / or Final Cut

hi guys & girls!
anybody made presets for Apple Logic X and / or Final Cut?
newbie here, struggling a bit to make sense of this interesting but complex app!


for Logic maybe first go with the internal key commands. There are 1000 of them and you might not need BTT for this. BTT is good for your plugin windows as there are no dedicated shortcuts, work with "search picture" in BTT (or similar wording).
Just watched the Nektar Panorama CS12 review which got best notes, I will buy it. May this helps you too? There wasn't any good controller like that on the market :slight_smile: So good times...

Thanks Johannes
Seems like good advice. I like the look of the Nekar Panorama CS12 a lot.
Appreciate your assistance, keep up the good work!

love you all

Hi Simone, I just wrote a mini-tip on how to memorize loads of shortcuts within LogicPro. I just use the. HUD overlay to keep it as simple as possible. It works like a school memorizing function or so :smiley:
Here is my post: Mini-Helpster to train your brain muscles (shortcuts)