Mini-Helpster to train your brain muscles (shortcuts)

Just want to share my trick&tip how I memorize shortcuts I really have to know.

  1. most weird shortcuts I put into a floating menu.
    2.a) if I click on "Step-Keyboard" BTT additionally opens up a HUD Overlay for 3s.
    2.b) in the HUD text editor I put in the keys I assigned in the LogicPro-Software plus explanations.
  2. Each time I do not (!) want to see this HUD, I just press the shortcut directly entering the Step-Keyboard, which is the same I assigned inside of BTT.

I chose this method because if I've memorized some of them, it is very simple to add new ones, I only have to write these new ones into the text edit. Other ways I tried with more floating windows etc. are very nice looking, but it is a lot of effort on multiple places inside of BTT if I just want to change just a single key command.