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Touch Bar Preset for reviewing Anki Flashcards
Here we go, my Touch Bar Preset when I study my Anki Flashcards.
No big deal, but still it improved my workflow. It includes a great Google and DuckDuckGo search Tool that @CJK wrote in this discussion.
The whole preset is pretty basic, it just brings up some buttons with keyboard shortcuts. As Anki has no other way to do so, you have to chose the right preset for the study session (two, three or four answer buttons). Credits for the brain icons go to Ralf Ruthe! The AirPods script is the one from this discussion, you'll have to adjust it for your own device of course.
Long pressing the Safari icon shows all Safari Tabs. I found this script here in the forum, but I honestly don't remember if it comes from Golden Chaos or Aqua Touch or elsewhere.
According to your settings, these folders will just get added to the extreme right side of your Touch Bar when Anki is in the first plan.

Screenshots (as you can see :wink:)

Here you go for the preset!
Anki.bttpreset (5.4 MB)

Hey @Caliguvara. Are you still keeping this alive?
Would love to use your preset with my anki but it seems its not working anymore. On Anki 2.1.20.

It's still alive and in use! Moved and integrated into my PHoeNiX Preset though! Take a look!

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@Caliguvara, Thank you! Was desperately trying to make touch bar work with Anki. Installing right away.

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