(Alpha) New Notch Bar update not allowing the native status bar breaks some things

I have added this as an option for now (3.900 alpha):


Version 3.904, System Status Icons seem to be show as well as Notch Bar Status Items widgets. Note that System Status Items are NOT enabled.

I have been keeping the Alpha stream updated daily and this issue appears to have crept in to 3.904...

Oh, I see it - need to change Visibility on Standard Screens to be Only visible in widget mode - guess I just got lucky the last few days!

Are you sure there is no "system status icons (macOS <= 13.0)" widget? It might have been added automatically. If you do not need the system status icons, try to set the visibility to hidden for it.

If so, could you go to Help => Export Diagnostic Debug Information and send the result to me? (andreas@folivora.ai).
It's currently a kind of complicated situation because Apple changed many things in the upcoming macOS Ventura and I need to keep everything compatible on all versions.

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Sorry Andreas I got distracted and see that I hadn't saved my edit. It's all looking fabulous again.

Edit 1:
"system status icons (macOS <= 13.0)" (ssi) is disabled.
"Notch Bar Status Items Widget" Enabled, and "Only visible in widget mode" - If I change that to "Always Visible" then I get the doubling up - as if ssi is enabled!

Edit 2:
I went ahead and enabled ssi, setting "Standard screen to be hidden" and its looking fabulous.

Didn't want to make a new thread because this is along the same lines I think.

@andreas there are some menu bar status icons that I think need to be native to work. I think you mentioned this was a Ventura thing. But, for instance, I run an app called Backtrack. It's great. It allows me to buffer audio and capture if it I need it after. However the UI is a clever little string you pull down.

CleanShot 2023-02-18 at 13.40.56

I take it there's no way to enable native menubar icons on the right but BTT menu items widget on left?

correct unfortunately macOS Ventura made that impossible as far as I know ;-(

One thing that I could allow to make the BTT bar only half width, however you’d be able to see the „split“ visually

Hmm. How so? The notch pretty much prevents anything from crossing over.
I think that'd be pretty useful because right now I have to decide between menu status icon functionality or the notch bar.

I do love the miniature status icons though; i only wish that having them mini allowed for more but it seems to hide just as many as it would need to if it were bumping into the notch.

In v4.027 alpha I have added a slider to the settings that allows you to change the width of the bar, maybe experiment with whether that helps you.


Maybe it would make sense to allow different widths for the different notch bar modes.

Feedback it is it works perfectly.
I can't see any change. The left half is BTT, the right half is regular.

@Andreas I LOVE the notch bar in concept. In reality I can't get it to work for me without glitches and weird things that are very probably to do with Apple's walled garden.

I've come to the conclusion that the best implementation of the notch bar, for me, is going to be something I can dock to one side of the screen and have come out when I want it.

I know you were looking into this and I was wondering how far along you've come.

Perhaps I could run one of those utilities that mimics the TouchBar and then send my notch bar buttons onto the touch bar? Would that work?

It's so frustrating because it's so useful but I can't get it to work for me.
I wish there were a portable strip of oled buttons that I could put between my function keys and the intake fan (see https://www.freeyourstream.com/ )

Anyway. I was hoping you'd perhaps got an alpha implementation so I can use the buttons but have them not interfering with my menubar.

All best.

Personally I'm using the Notch Bar like this:

(moving the mouse to the very top of the screen shows the bar, moving it away hides it again).

However I need to add a public option to increase the "move away distance".

The generic floating menus that can be placed anywhere on the screen (or attached to windows) will soon be released as alpha.

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Yes. I did this too. It worked for a while but I still get glitches and weird things happening. Sometimes when I go full screen or go out of full screen or swipe spaces etc.

Ideally I just want to leave it there and dock it at the bottom and have it appear and reappear there so it's not interfering with my menu bar. This alpha can't come soon enough. Eta?

No ETAs anymore as I never manage to keep them.

:slight_smile: yeah I saw a post saying it would be maybe released in April then checked and it was made 2022 :slight_smile:

This is a YOU CAN DO IT post.

I believe in you.

Bury me with my BTTsettings.

Hehe, back then I underestimated how much work a new born and a 2 year old would be :joy:

Pah! Excuses!


Been there, enjoy the time with the kids! Appreciate this tool and have been tweaking it for a while, loved the idea of the showing/hiding and when I hook it up to my external monitor I'll follow the instructions above to not have them over each other. I was noticing that the screens for the settings were different than the current ones, but I've learned a lot reading this thread!

/ action menu bar eh!
How do I enable it?