(Alpha) New Notch Bar update not allowing the native status bar breaks some things

Personally I'm using the Notch Bar like this:

(moving the mouse to the very top of the screen shows the bar, moving it away hides it again).

However I need to add a public option to increase the "move away distance".

The generic floating menus that can be placed anywhere on the screen (or attached to windows) will soon be released as alpha.

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Yes. I did this too. It worked for a while but I still get glitches and weird things happening. Sometimes when I go full screen or go out of full screen or swipe spaces etc.

Ideally I just want to leave it there and dock it at the bottom and have it appear and reappear there so it's not interfering with my menu bar. This alpha can't come soon enough. Eta?

No ETAs anymore as I never manage to keep them.

:slight_smile: yeah I saw a post saying it would be maybe released in April then checked and it was made 2022 :slight_smile:

This is a YOU CAN DO IT post.

I believe in you.

Bury me with my BTTsettings.

Hehe, back then I underestimated how much work a new born and a 2 year old would be :joy:

Pah! Excuses!


Been there, enjoy the time with the kids! Appreciate this tool and have been tweaking it for a while, loved the idea of the showing/hiding and when I hook it up to my external monitor I'll follow the instructions above to not have them over each other. I was noticing that the screens for the settings were different than the current ones, but I've learned a lot reading this thread!

/ action menu bar eh!
How do I enable it?