Allow Folder Widgets

I would love to be able to have a widget opening a folder (or a folder having a widget as "image").

Because it would be nice to group related commands/buttons together and have the folder icon displaying information:

  • music widget opening volume, output source, next track etc.
  • Slack widget showing notifications count, opening to shortcuts to most frequent channels/persons etc.

you can assign the open folder action to widgets. It will also open hidden folders.

Ah, thank you very much. I kind of expected setting it in the folder but it works as expected :+1:

@Andreas_Hegenberg, this did work fine for me for about a month now.
But it stopped working by the end of last week.

I can still use the Open Stream Deck Group with Name action to open the group but in this group (which is disabled to trigger it only via the widget) all buttons aren't working.
They look like they did before but they aren't doing anything - not even the default close group button.
If I enable this group it works all fine.

Also in the BTT UI these buttons are greyed out like disabled buttons but they don't have the "hidden" icon (eye).

I have the latest version (4.145) installed.