Zoom in/out webview

Not really sure if I'm missing this, but I'd really love to have an ability to zoom pages in web view. I want a simple floating text editor (for taking notes during calls) and made https://blank.page web view window. However, the font size it too big and I'd love to shrink it down a bit. Something we usually do with cmd±

Any suggestions for a super simple text editor for floating window are super welcome :slight_smile:

Not exactly an answer to your question, but are you aware that BTT can float any window? So, the simple text editor window could also be a floating TextEdit window, where you can set everything to your liking.

Thanks for your reply! Yeah, I know about the feature. Tried it several times but always find it so buggy. And I don't really like the squared off corners of the floating window. For some reason the web view windows are much more pleasant for me to work with.

I agree, the floating stuff is kind of a hack, useful for some things, but not for general usage.

Zooming the webview is easy by injecting some JS, I'll post an example when I'm on my computer

Ok, just wanted to make sure you know the feature :slight_smile:
You have your solution now. When I need to quickly write down something I use the clipboard history window.

This should work:

document.body.style.zoom = "30%" 

You could also more specifically override the CSS for that webapp's text size, but I haven't checked that.

Works flawlessly! Thank you Andreas!