Zoom function in MS Excel


In comparison to MS Word, Excel doesn't have short cut for zoom in our zoom out option.
This window seems to be in always the same position we open.
Is there an option in BBT to record the cursor position?

I do it manual and automated workflow with the steps as follow:

  1. use BTT to trigger the short cut, set by MacOS, to display the Zoom window option in Excel
  2. place the cursor manually
    3.BTT highlight and select the text, add a predefined number using the insert own text option
  3. need to hit return to confirm the input manually as it is not recorded with own text option

Any suggestion to pack that all one, automated process?


You can create a keyboard shortcut for zooming in or out in Excel. In the German version of Excel, you'll find this option under "Extras" and "Tastatur anpassen" (Keyboard Customization). Please see the screenshot. Afterward, you can perform this action using BTT (BetterTouchTool).

To activate the zoom window, you can access the "trigger menubar menu" option.

In my opinion, it is not possible to combine everything into one process because BTT lacks a function that waits for an input or action and then continues. Keyboard Maestro offers this feature.

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Didnt know you can create your own custom shortcut in Excel.

I managed to get the Zoom window on the screen.
The way I built it, I added a delay between Zoom window appearance on screen and cursor placement, 3 seconds. This allows me the place the cursor before the next action starts.
Automaton to select the current number and replaces it with a predefined number.
Manually hit enter.
If there is a way to tell BTT where to place the cursor, then its all done in one go

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Could you provide a more detailed description: "If there is a method to specify the cursor placement in BTT"? Is it consistently in the same position, or is it variable? Do you mean placing the cursor within a cell or selecting an entire cell?


I would like the cursor to be placed in the custom zoom size cell as the window looks like to be always in the same position. The cursors location can be fixed.

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Have you already attempted using the "Find Image on Screen & Move Mouse" feature?
When I open the Zoom window on my end, the desired area is automatically active. Isn't that the case for you?

Otherwise, a click in the field (relative to a corner of the front window) and then a double click. This should also work ... I think.

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Sorry, cant follow you.
Where is the feature you mentioned?