Zoom Entire Display with BTT without holding 'option' key.



I love BTT and cannot imagine my mac without it. Apologies if this is answered somewhere. I searched and could not find such discussion but if it exists, please point me there, thank you.

I'm trying to use BTT to duplicate the native Mac "zoom entire screen" function which is usually done by holding down the 'option' key then scrolling your finger(s) to zoom in and out to the SPECIFIC point where your cursor is, anywhere on the screen, in any situation.

Thing is, I'd like to do it without the keyboard at all. Without holding down "option." Most important would be on my old Magic Trackpad with no force touch but I also have an old Magic Mouse and a built in trackpad with force touch (but I don't need anything for that cuz keyboard is always right there).

I always thought this would be impossible but found a keyboard shortcut for it today:

With your cursor wherever you want the screen zoomed, press "option" plus "command" plus "plus" or "minus" ("_" or "="). Then you can keep pressing "plus" or "minus" repeatedly (while still holding down "option" and "command") to zoom in and out. It works great with the keyboard while not using the mouse or trackpad but I want the reverse.

I'm already using 1, 2, and 4 fingers for other gestures so I tried 3 but then the "3 finger drag" in accessibility turned off and I realized 3 fingers wouldn't work so I chose 5 fingers and it IS WORKING!

Thing is, each swipe up just zooms a bit whereas holding the option key allows you to scroll in and out nicely. With the method I found, I must swipe up continuously to zoom in, and the same to zoom back out.

I'm not an advanced user of BTT so maybe someone out there knows a better way to do this?

(I use my tv as a monitor in bed before sleep most nights and sometimes only have the trackpad and can manage just fine with whatever I'm doing (movies or whatever) - but often, I really want to zoom in, and it's a pain to reach for the keyboard.)

Thanks in advance for any assistance.