zoom and chrome touchbar issues

I teach on Zoom and have made all the shortcuts as touchbar buttons. they are super handy and convenient. the problem is when i go into a separate application, like if i'm screen sharing, my touchbar defaults to the application in focus. so to fix that i've made conditional activation groups so that when zoom is running and chrome is active app i can still see the group of zoom buttons. the problem is that when i touch a zoom button, which are key commands, the command goes to chrome, not zoom. I have these zoom buttons set to specifically send to zoom. also, "bring app forward before.." and "send app backward after.." are checked. i am probably missing something obvious. Thanks in advance for any ideas!

I have not used BTT in Zoom yet but am trying to setup a BTT button to share my iPad wirelessly. Getting the Share setup is no problem at all and there is a Zoom Shortcut for that but the problem I am having is that I don't know how to tell BTT to select the iPad and then go to my iPad and select Screen mirroring and then select my MBP 16". Any ideas?