"YouTube Now Playing" Scrubber for Chrome

Hello, BTT Community!

First post here. I'm a long-time BetterSnapTool user, and with my recent MacBook Pro purchase, I've been psyched to dig into BTT. Incredible.

I'm curious about a few things and would be grateful for support/suggestions. Likely answers are somewhere on the folivora site somewhere, but my searches haven't been fruitful yet:

  1. Is there a premade widget/script available to control youtube on Chrome -- specifically looking for a scrubber and a way to click the "Skip Ad" button on the Youtube player after timed ads have been completed? If so, could someone point that out? I do have the "Now playing" widget on my main/default touch bar menu, but it doesn't turn into a scrubber.

  2. What's the easiest way to pick and choose elements/portions of shared presets when customizing my BTT setup? I downloaded Golden Chaos (wow), but I really only wanted to keep a few things to start with. I imported it, did some picking and choosing, and then deleted most of it. Is there a better way to do that?

  3. To any teachers out there in the community, any suggestions on best ways to use BTT to streamline classroom processes/procedures?

Thanks so much,

– JW

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