xcall in n Execute Shell script Action hangs

I'm using bettertouch tool to work with Bear using Bears x-callback-url api. With xcall.app because it seems to be the easiest way to get x-success return values back. I have the following in a Execute Shell Script action:

/Applications/xcall.app/Contents/MacOS/xcall -url 'bear://x-callback-url/open-note?title=Scratch'

and xcall hangs untill I kill it in the Activity Monitor. At which point the returned data appears twice in the result pane (using 'run script')

the same command runs fine in a terminal window.

Any thoughts as to why?

unfortunately I'm not sure what could cause this.
Can you describe the exact thing you try to do? Then I can try to reproduce it here

Just executing it seems to work ok here:

But I didn't know these urls can return data, that is very interesting for BTT's scripting functions as well. I think I should also be able to quickly add a new scripting function to call such urls and get the result.

That's interesting. I was using the Execute Shell Script action but I just tried it using Javascript and it's still not working for me. Obviously I have somethiing odd going on here.

Are you using a version of xcall.app from Martin Finke's github page?

I did a video, if it's any help ScreenFlow.mp4 - Google Drive

Yes, I just downloaded it from github today. You probably also use the latest version of that?

It sounds like it is this issue:

Unfortunately he hasn't provided a new build with the fix for that yet. Let me build one...

//edit: here is a notarized build that includes the fix. You might need to start it once by double-clicking it before being able to use it via terminal
xcall.zip (32.4 KB)

I was using a version I built here. Previously it didn't seem to be working at all. Rebuilding for a later version of MacOS seemed to fix it and I didn't look any further.

This appears to have Fixed it. Many thanks Andreas.

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