wrong text in "Apple/Java Script menu bar icon"

There is a wrong text in the "Apple/Java Script menu bar icon" trigger:

@Andreas_Hegenberg you can check it and update it. I found there are some missing / and some wrongs ".

Also it seems that the same wrong text is in the "Shell Script menu bar icon" trigger.

One question regarding calling BTT persistent variables inside the cell of applescript inside BTT:
Do I have to get the value using tell application "BetterTouchTool" to set xX to (get_string_variable "myvariable") or there is another way?
I tried {myvariable} but it doesn't work.

And another thing:
what is "icon_data": "base64_icon_data"?

is an icon collection in macos?

Ah weird, I'll check the example.

Yes you need to use get_string_variable / get_number_variable

You can provide any image file base64 encoded.
The easiest way on macOS to get base64 encoded data for a file is via this terminal command, which will copy it to your clipboard

base64 -i ~/Downloads/theGraphic.png | pbcopy

thanks !

I don't know what to do when I have the encoded data in the clipboard. :smile:

How do I link the image copied data using the command {"icon_data": "base64_icon_data"}"* ??


you just replace the base64_icon_data with the content from your clipboard

Thanks for the help, it works. :smile:

I guess that the benefit of using base64 is that I don't need anymore the image file, it can be removed from the hard disk and BTT will still showing the icon. Is that correct?

Any other benefit from using base64? Any disadvantage?

That's correct. Also if you export your preset, it will be included. (This can also be achieved by moving files to the preset's data folder though)