Wrapper library for managing BTT in JS - btt

Hi! I recently published new version of the package that I mentioned from time to time in various threads here - if any of you happen to know JavaScript or is using web view, then I'd encourange to have a look :slight_smile:

The package can be run both on node, or in browser (via packages such as browserify). It also provides it's own type definitions, so if your using TypeScript you should be happy, too!

There are few examples on how to use this package, alongside the docs. If you seek to know what actions have what ID's in BetterTouchTool, you can check the typings definitions - I've written down lots of most important actions/triggers numeric IDs.

You can combine the power of JavaScript (for example, websockets) with BetterTouchTool - for really advanced use cases that can be achieved easly :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think about it!

This looks awesome! :slight_smile:
I'll play around with it soon (just back from vacation). Maybe I can add a small blog post about it to my website.

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Awesome, thanks! If you need any kind of help in terms of the package feel free to ping me :slight_smile: Blogpost would be great, too (btw. I'm a public speaker in JS community and I already have a few speaks about this wrapper and BetterTouchTool itself scheduled :wink: )

I just released guide for using the library - and with some additional comments about how some parts of it and BetterTouchTool itself works - you can see it here

There still might be some typos or missing sections - if you find anything, please do let me know!