working on separate computers

hello all. just joined in hopes of getting this question answered. i did my due diligence and search for the answer to this question first, so i hope this is a redundant question. by all means, please point me in the right direction if i missed something.

my question for pertains to using btt on two separate computers. specifically, i am using a 21.5" imac and a 13" macbook. the problem i'm encountering relates to the "move mouse to position" action: the action i create on my imac obviously won't function correctly on my macbook (and vice versa).

i'm hoping there is something that will allow me to use the same shortcuts and actions on both computers interchangeably. is this possible? if not, is there a way to create separate shortcuts and actions for the same application on each computer under the same license?

thanks so much for any help you can provide.