Work in progress and alpha features

BTW, Thanks for the Fixed Width option. Really helps with a lot of design and sizing issues caused by dynamic button content. Applied to a lot of my AppleScript features this morning!

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@Andreas_Hegenberg When I go into settings and try to view Scripting BTT, I get this:

3.066 alpha fixes various little bugs with the new UI.

  • improve two line widget support (date & weather widget now also support different font sizes for the 1. & 2. line
  • fixed adding groups to key sequences
  • fixed some layout issues in the settings (@onaforeignshore)
    ā€¢ fixed an issue with show / hide specific app action
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Don't hate me - I just realised that normal Apple Script Widgets that return a result in two lines using

return FirstLineVar & "
" & SecondLineVar

Do have the same problem!

Check out the Rehab lab Tomorrow :confused:

Script widgets that will return two lines need to have a title that also has two lines, then you can adjust the second line font size

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Thanks for this information!

v. 3.066
How often does this happen to you in List view? Ive seen this before, restarting BTT didn't fix, will reboot laptop and check...

UPDATE: Restart BTT, Restart PC, Reload saved Preset, NO GO. This is a nasty bug with latest alpha 3.066 in "list view".

@Andreas_Hegenberg Layout is now correct, thanks, but colour still sucks in dark mode... Black text on near black background.

@K2DesignLab @onaforeignshore fixed in 3.067 alpha (currently uploading)

3.069 alpha improves MIDI device support.

3.074 alpha adds an experimental option for global Touch Bar gestures. Currently needs to be activated per gesture:

This means gestures can now work even if the system touch bar is active and BTT is hidden.

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@yuuiko this one is especially for you I guess :smiley:

Pretty buggy. I only got it to work-ish once.

  • Opens the BTT bar after sliding
  • Confuses between two, three and four finger slides
  • Tapping the T-Bar can sometimes continue activating the gestures
  • It seems to be very sensitive to changes, when I swipe forward and back, it lurches forward when I start going back
  • Most of the time, after once use it locks all gestuers from functioning

  • Normal slide seems to be a bit more laggy

weird maybe it doesn't work on all touch bar hardware yet (it reads the finger data directly at the lowest possible level).

3.078 should improve the global gesture behavior. (You may need to adjust the gesture sensitivity a bit because it's slightly different than the non-global gestures)

As a bonus I think I figured out a way to recognize presses on the stupid x button on the left (when when Control Strip is shown). This means the BTT icon in the Control Strip will not need double-taps anymore after the x button has been used to close the bar.


  • Improved "Show Menubar In Context Menu" action
  • Fixed Key Sequence configuration in new UI
  • HUD Text can now include BTT variables
  • Improved performance for volume and brightness slider widgets
  • Fixed a very obscure import bug that I have been hunting for ages (caused e.g. gestures in groups to not work after importing a preset)

You should add these into the changelog too!

Iā€™m also having issues with the macosCS widget btw, at times it blanks and becomes unusable,
nd when it works it needs a double-tap to open if the widget has changed to a different one. The first tap updates the widget to display the correct one, while the second operates on it.

Global gestures don't work now..... when they are set to global, they don't work anywhere. Within the BTT bar, the gesture graphic shows but doesn't do anything.

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If you can see any pattern as to when this happens - would be great if you'd let me know.
I'm only using two control strip buttons and haven't seen this yet, but maybe an issue with more complex setups?

My setup is the BTT button (which swaps out for other ones to change the icon and function) and the play button.

When a change isn't triggered, or if the icon remains the same, it works fine.

When a CAG swaps it for a different button, the old one sticks. When this old one is tapped it updates the button to the correct one. It's displayed but no action is triggered. (it doesn't change the icon, but the function is updated correctly. In previous alphas it did change the icon), this new, updated and correct button can then be tapped and works as expected.
After this happens it will work as expected until another swap is triggered.

Weird, can you tell whether this only happens for specific activation groups? Does it always happen like this?