wish list: allow for key sequence conflict menus

I find conflict menus very useful and I use them a lot. They make me think of Keyboard Maestro palettes which I use a lot. I don't like floating menus (too "heavy" a display and to manage - sorry @Andreas_Hegenberg)

It is unfortunate that conflict menus do not seem to work with key sequences, whereas they work fine with trackpad gestures.

I did some testing and can't figure out which set of actions is triggered when 2 triggers have the same key sequence.

thank you

do you know about the "Show Context Menu (New)" action?

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Absolutely superb. Exactly what I was looking for. Andreas, you are a genius.
Suggestion (inspired from Keyboard Maestro)
Example below

  • context menu = 2 notifications "this is. a test" or "hello"
    to trigger a menu item, I have to at minimum type the first letter, and subsequently press Enter.
    Suggestion: that typing the first letter triggers the menu item if it is unique, or allow the user to configure the context menu to do so. This suggestion may seem superfluous, but based on my experience with Keyboard Maestro, it markedly accelerates the workflow.
    I hope that you are not offended when I refer to your competitor Keyboard Maestro (not really a competitor, so many users use both apps)


In contrast to a KM palette, this is a normal apple standard menu and only works with Enter or Space ... at least I think so.

that is correct! The context menu action is not really customizable as it is based on standard macOS menus.

Soon the floating menus will get direct support for keyboard shortcuts (which is already possible using conditional activation groups, but complicated).
In general floating menus will become easier to use in the coming weeks. (I have received absolutely crazy custom floating menus from various users in the past weeks, which basically validated the functionality for me. Some people have built completely custom ways to control their most used apps.
So now it's about making these menus as easy as possible to use and additionally making them accessible via BTT Remote)

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great ! I look forward to having a second look with the BTT update. thank you Andreas !