WindowServer crashed

Recently, I had an issue where I wanted to fullscreen a video on YouTube, and I saw a flickery image, and then I was logged out from my profile on the Mac. Once I logged back in, I saw this window:

The same thing also happened when I wanted to fullscreen the TV app. And someone told me that it could have something to do with an app, which hides or changes the icons in the menu bar, so I thought it could be BTT.

Ps. Maybe it could also solve my issue with Adobe InDesign.

BTT only uses simple standard macOS status bar icons. No hacks at all. You should report this to Apple, it’s definitely an issue in macOS not in a third party app.

What kind of Mac are you using?

Ah ok. I see.
I'm using a 16" Intel-based MacBook Pro.
And here are more details:

Google shields multiple results for that crash, so you are not alone. I’ll also report it to Apple, but I assume this will be fixed with the next update.

Oh really?
Ok, then thanks for reporting it. Now I have one less issue to worry about.

I'm not sure if you saw my last bug post here about my issue with InDesign, but do you have any tips or thought about that?