Windows resize to 1/4 screen-width instead of 1/2

Describe the bug
Immediately after relaunching BTT, my shortcuts for “Maximize Window Left” and “Maximize Window Right” have the effect of maximizing the window to the left or right quarter of the screen. The window extends the full height of the screen, but its width is only one quarter of the screen width.

Switching to another application (eg. with ⌘-tab) solves the problem, and the behavior returns to its normal and correct effect of resizing windows to half the width of the screen. It does not matter which application is in the foreground (eg. Finder, Google Chrome, etc.), just that I have not left it after restarting BTT.

This bug occurs when I do one of the following things:

  • Update BTT to a new version.
  • Select “Restart BetterTouchTool” from the BTT menu.
  • Manually quit and relaunch the BTT program.
  • I have also had it occur sometimes after waking my laptop from sleep.

And it continues until I switch away from whichever program was in the foreground when I restarted BTT.

The same thing happens for “Resize Window to Top Left Quarter / Corner” and friends: immediately after restarting BTT, until I switch away from the current foreground application, those actions make the window half the width they should, but the correct height. Thus, they actually resize to one eighth of the screen area: half height and quarter width.

Affected input device:
MacBook Pro keyboard and trackpad

Device information:

  • Type of Mac: 2013 retina MacBook Pro 15.4″
  • macOS version: 10.14.6
  • BetterTouchTool version: 3.312

I had this EXACT same issue last week. It stopped pretty soon after it started. (2016MBP 13" [2 USB-C ports, no touch bar], MacOS 10.15.3, alpha channel BTT updates).

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For me it is 100% repeatable. Every time I restart BTT, it happens. As soon as I switch to another program, it stops happening.

there have been some initialization fixes in 3.313 alpha, this is probably fixed!

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Yep, all better now, thanks!