windows beyond thirds and quarters

please add presets to arrange windows into a grid of 6 (3x2); 9 (3x3); 12 (4x3) and 16 (4x4). this would be useful for those of us using big screens.

thank you

I screen isn't huge, but it is wide, and I would use this functionality

BTT has custom snap areas and the predefined action „custom move / resize“ which both allow to create any sort of resizing action :slight_smile:

Thank you Andreas, much appreciated. BTT is quite powerful, obviously, so it will take me a bit of time to learn the tricks. I'll be back to the community to learn more in the weeks ahead. Best Regards ~ Steve

I am aware of that feature, I tried setting something up but did not have enough time, as the interface is not that intuitive, and I couldn't find much information in the documentation

I just looked at this again, and it seems to only offer control over one window, is this correct? if so, I would be unable to use it to configure a gridding of 6 or more images, yes?