"Window under cursor" not working with mouse gesture

When drawing a mouse gesture and using any action affecting the "window under cursor", the window is not identified correctly when the finishing point of the gesture is inside the drawing area.

E.g.: When drawing a gesture to minimize a window, the window is only minimized when the finishing point of the gesture is (A) in the desired windows and (B) outside the drawing area. If the gesture ends within the drawing area, the action to minimize the window (or whatever else) is applied to BTT itself since in this case the window under the cursor is a BTT window.

Desired behaviour: Ignore the BTT drawing area window and apply action to "real" window under cursor.

Affected system: Apple Macbooc Air M1, macOS Ventura 13.3.1

having same issue and posted about it. none of the 'under cursors' are working, quit or minimize. tried work arounds ie send shortcut to app but noe work. Only hide all windows works

Should be fixed with the next update!

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okay cool. thanks for the quick response. just wanted to make sure I wasnt going crazy lol and it wasnt working anymore. look forward to it and thanks again!

Im having issue minimizing under cursor only with Adobe Apps. I'm using the three fingers down on a Magic Mouse 2 on M2 MacBook Pro 16" MacOS Ventura 13.4.1

On a side note, I'm also having to restart BTT sometimes when scrolling no longer works, it fixes itself after BTT restart.


Version 4.458

I have a 1-step macro that uses option + middle click to "minimize window under cursor"

Worked 100% for years, but now It is failing about half the time. Maybe moreso on certain apps like Omnifocus and Safari.

I can make it work if I am hovering over that windows toolbar at the top. But if I am hovering over the content in the window, its about 50/50.

I have another that uses plain middle click to "hide app under cursor" and it works fine.

WORKAROUND: Changing the action to "bring window to front and send command+m"

mhm opt+middle click should be unrelated to the issue discussed above. For drawing gestures the problem was that their overlay was recognized as the "window under cursor", causing the issue.

I just tried it, but it seems to work fine here (at least with the apps I'm using, including Safari). Is your BTT enabled in System Settings => Privacy & Security => Accessibility?

Yes. I believe OmniFocus 4 is the main culprit. I had to do a similar workaround to get "hide app under cursor" to work for it too.

EDIT: no, its several apps. Spotify is another. I have to click ~5 times to get it to activate

I am suspecting the issue is caused by HazeOver.app (it dims background applications).

that sounds very plausible, maybe they forgot to turn off the accessibility features of the overlay window they use to dim the screen. In that case BTT would see the HazeOver app‘s window as window under cursor.

unfortunately if that’s the case, it could only be fixed by HazeOver. You could verify with the conditional activation group „hovered ui element“ viewer in BTT