Window Switcher use tab to cycle through windows

sounds good! you can also press cmd+L to focus the search field (like in browsers)

cmd + l is nice as it works to press cmd + tab followed by just l while keeping cmd pressed.

Guys, I was just trying to replace mac native windowSwtcher and faced the next problem:

  1. When BTT SindowSwitcher is active, I want to use CMD+` to navigate up in it
  2. When it isn't active, I want to use the same shortcut to switch between windows of the same application (as it worked natively before).

But I can't figure out the correct condition here

I was running into this as well, but then noticed that this is only happening while the BTT window is open. Which is obviously the case during testing, but not during usual use.
Hope this helps your investigation.
But since it's not happening while the BTT window isn't open it's not the worst bug ever.