Window switcher. Unable to Hide app. Move App not space, not working.

  1. Default binds like cmd-w or pressing w work to close the window.

⌘H does NOT hide selected app/window. I tested three triggers to try to assign "H" and "⌃H" and "⌘H" to "hide app under cursor" & applescripts for hiding windows, as well as "Action: ⌘H"...

  • none worked
  • all 3 had the condition "BTTWindowSwitcherActive == 1"

  1. "Only Move Window, Do NOT Switch To Space" => NOT working. It still switches to space.

  1. Window switcher still shows older/closed windows that aren't even available and/or active. For example, firefox windows that have been closed hours ago still show up.

BTT: 4.575
MacOS: 14.5