Window Switcher position and stack questions.

I am using window switcher on the regular now. It's nice.

Two things:

  1. For position, could we have something like the window positions for HUD? (Top Left, Middle Left, Bottom Left, etc) I'm using a vertical monitor, and it's hard to position it so that the preview doesn't pop up and cover everything. If I could position it Left instead of center, then I could have the pop-up and still read everything. Alternately, if the Pop-up preview was optional, that would also be a way to address it. I like the pop-up, but not where it appears in some configurations.

  2. I have "Last Used / Stack Order" selected, but some programs consistently populate at the bottom of the list. For instance, I use Brave Browser and it is always at the bottom, even when it was the last program used. It happens with other apps too, it makes it feel counter-intuitive in practice. To switch between two programs, I sometimes have to go through every other item on the list.

do you maybe have them on a different display or space? (these are sorted on bottom, but should have an icon indicating that)

That seems to be it. All my apps that are in full screen mode are not considered "Last Used".

It would be nice to have a true "Last Used" list as an option, if possible. When I'm switching between programs, I don't prioritize based on whether it is full screen or windows mode. This is especially true if I'm just cut-and-pasting to window switcher to another program and then hit the window switcher to jump back.

I think I'll be able to add that as a new sorting option, I'll check!

Ah sorry, I just looked into it, but there is no API to retrieve the list of windows ordered like this. BTT currently fully relies on the system API's to retrieve the window ordering as I don't want to keep that state myself. So unless I find another API that gives the order across spaces, this won't be possible ;-(

Ah, thanks for checking though. I wish "alphabetical" solved my problem but I'm doing a lot of switching between Zoom and Brave :frowning:

I'm experimenting with tracking the last few windows myself, I'll see how that goes.

on the latest alpha I added a new sorting option that should work across spaces

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It works!

It is successful and great when I switch back and forth between Program A and Program B: It successful highlights the previous program the next time I open Window Switcher.

There is one small strange behaviour just when I am switching to the Finder from another program.

If I switch to Finder, the next time I open Window Switcher, it highlights the Finder again instead of the "Last Used".

This is a small thing, and it is working so good for me now.

Edit: I think this only happens if I try to switch too quickly. If I let it breathe between switches, it highlights as expected. Probably it is perfectly fine for normal use.

Edit2.: Yes, I think it only misfires if I try to switch back and forth too quickly, faster than it can re-populate the list. For normal work speeds this is a great improvement. Thanks for adding it!