Window Switcher for Open Apps - Cycling through windows using all fingers on trackpad

Is it possible to use 'Window Switcher for Open Apps' and use gestures that keep your fingers on the trackpad until the right window is selected?

Trying to replicate the windows 11 feature where 3 fingers on trackpad you move left/right to select the window. Releasing the fingers from the trackpad then selects and opens the selected window - Touch gestures for Windows - Microsoft Support ] Under 'Switch between open apps or windows'.

BTT has the Window Switcher for open apps, but every configuration I try seems to require moving the mouse cursor and selecting the right window. Mainly because it seems that there is no option to put the cursor on the window switcher once it opens (have to move the cursor manually), and having more that one finger on the trackpad initiates scrolling in the window rather than a selection of the possible open windows/apps.

Currently using window switcher but having to use the single finger to navigate the windows and click after invoking with 3 finger swipe or tip-tap.

Is there a combination that would enable this? Such as Tip-Tap 2 fingers and somehow using 2 fingers to navigate the windows, and then releasing 2 fingers to select the app? Any suggestions/ideas would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Is there a way to use "Gesture Mode" for this like in 'Application Switcher'?

It seems that 'Application Switcher' has this functionality but not 'Window Switcher'

Yes I think that is possible however it currently needs some configuration.
First quit BTT and execute this terminal command:

defaults write com.hegenberg.BetterTouchTool BTTNoNamedTriggerOnLeftRightClick YES

Then start BTT again and create a named trigger in the "Automations, Named & Other Triggers" section, assign the return key shortcut to that named trigger:

Then in the configuration of your gesture, go to "advanced" and choose the created trigger under "Execute named trigger after release"

Now it will activate the window once you remove the last finger from the trackpad.

You can also configure the action like this:

Then it will select the next window when you do another tiptap while still touching the trackpad.

Great! I just tried this and it seems to work well for me! Only question I have to make it perfect is that the settings on the 'Window Switcher for Open Apps' doesnt seem to have an option to put the mouse over the window selection once it's invoked (see picture). It always puts the cursor to the left of the window that appears. Is there a reason for this? If I could get the cursor to appear over the second item in the list by default, then I could immediately select the previous app/window by lifting off my fingers immediately, or just scroll vertically down to the app/window of choice (rather than moving it to the right/down after invoking the Window Switcher). Is there a reason there isnt an option to put the cursor directly on the Window Switcher?

Thanks so much for the quick respose and the detailed explanation!

It's causing a few internal issues if the cursor is placed directly on the menu. However you can activate this option, which should allow for your example:


This is very close since it will always select the most recent window open. However if you want to scroll to anything else its still a horizontal + vertical movement. Does it make sense to add a 'move mouse to specific location' as part of the actions to enable what im asking?

Also - I have the option you indicated greyed out - is there a condition that enables it to be used? I cant get it to switch to the most recent window as you indicated.

Ah yes, it is only available for the standard sorting "Last Used / Stack Order (Grouped by Desktop)". If I remember correctly this is because there is no way to reliably get a sorted window list across desktops.

I'll think about an integrated gesture mode.

Maybe you could add a "move mouse action" (needs an async delay inbetween):

Cant quite get the mouse move to work exactly right. It doesnt seem to consistently hit the second item - if the window is centered or if its opening where the mouse is. But the first couple suggestions have ben working great! Can fly thought a lot of the windows and move back and forth very quickly which is what I was looking for.

Would love to see an integrated solution as I bet many people would use it if it was consistent and reliable. Its very fast to navigate and becomes intuitive really quick.

Happy to donate for that kind of integrated/polished feature!

Have you selected the second one here? (The naming is incorrect, the first one is for the first item, the second for the second item, I'll fix that)

It seems to move the cursor consistently to the second item in my case.

Yes that does seem to work better, thank you!

Heres to hoping for a polished version of what we discussed! :grinning: