window snapping / resizing not possible

Hi there,

after the latest upgrade (macOS and BTT) the window snapping function can't be used anymore. Moreover the windows resizing option via hotkeys isn't usable either.

I've also installed the latest alpha version of BTT, restarted my machine, searched for malfunctioning shortcuts within BTT etc.

macOS Ventura 13.3.1.
Macbook Pro 2020 M1
BTT: 4.072 (2888)

After using BTT for a long time it's such a hard time being forced to use macOS without these features of BTT. I'm afraid I couldn't really work without BTTs features on a Mac anymore and I consider them a standard.


there are no known issues related to window snapping with the new macOS version.

Possibly try to quit BTT, then go to System Settings => Privacy & Security => Accessibility. Then remove BTT from the list and add it again manually. Sometimes after upgrades the macOS permission databases get corrupted, this usually fixes that.

Thank you for your fast reply, Andreas!
Unfortunately these steps did not fix the problem. However, deinstalling BTT (I used „App Cleaner“ for doing so), reinstalling BTT and reimporting my profile did the trick. I have no idea what caused the problem.

Now the „resizing and window snapping and window moving“ function is working again. Geez, I almost forgot how painful it is to work without these features.