window snapping bug; restoring window from fullscreen window goes farther from mouse cursor

open a finder window with quarter size of screen, snap to top for maximise window then grab and drag title bar to bottom to restore window size to replicate this

i added mouse cursor with red dot

macbook pro 2017 w touchbar
10.12.6 ( newly downgraded from high sierra it has this bug too)

BTT version 2.513

unfortunately this is a limitation in the available macOS window resizing APIs and can not be fixed as far as I know.

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For the info, i look again and actually it was at right position after restore, it loses position after half second

yep, the problem is the macOS dragging API which keeps it's own track of the window positions.
BTT first correctly places thr window, but as soon as the next drag event comes in, macOS restores the position it thinks is "correct".

This bug was introduced in macOS 10.12 and only happens when grabbing a window more on the right half of the screen as far as I know.

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Grabbing window from left working,

hope they fix at next releases

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