Window Snapping Bug crashes Chrome Apps (Brave/Youtube Music)

A bug exists in both the latest stable and latest alpha (3.563) with the window snapping functionality.

Steps to reproduce:
Install BTT (default configuration should be impacted by this bug)
Install Brave Browser
Navigate to and install the chrome app for youtube music.
With BTT running, open the youtube music chrome app.
Attempt to move the youtube music application window by grabbing the title bar with the mouse cursor.

Expected behavior: Window moving activity is uninterrupted.
Experienced behavior: The youtube music app window immediately closes, stopping any audio output as well.
Workaround (for both stable and alpha BTT): Uncheck the "Enable window snapping" checkbox and repeat the process. Bug is no longer experienced (but window snapping doesn't work).

hey @noahbliss, I always have the same issue even with window snapping disabled, but when using the feature to drag/resize windows using the mouse while holding a key.

Just tried again this morning and the issue seems to be solved; Brave apps don't close anymore (I'm on Big Sur 11.5.1, BTT 3.570)

Can you tell if the issue has been resolved for you too?