Window moved by modifier keys not snapping to screen edges


When moving a window by clicking and grabbing the title bar, when a window comes close to a screen edge, macOS snaps it to the screen edge. In that way it's always easy to align the moved window to the screen edge.

Moving windows with modifier keys, which is a feature of BTT (Window snapping and moving -> Moving & Resizing Modifier Keys), is immensely practical. However, moving a window this way doesn't give me the snapping behaviour, which makes it much less useful. Is this by design, a bug or a potential improvement? Is there some workaround?

I have a attached a screenshot of my current snapping modifier keys settings. I have elaborated with different settings however, without success.

What I tried:

  • restarted computer
  • upgraded OS
  • enabled/disabled snapping areas
  • resetted snapping areas
  • ran defaults delete tccutil reset All com.hegenberg.bettertouchtool-setapp
  • gave all permissions in System Settings (and resetted them and adding them again)
  • checked that window snapping on "All Apps" has no activated disable option

OS: Catalina 10.15.6
BTT: 3.389