Will there be a feature to do "back" and "forward" for normal mice buttons?

I currently use SaneSideButtons to get "back" and "forward" for my logitech M510 mouse on macOS.

It replaced extremely bloated Logitech software that I could never trust.

It would be nice if BTT supported this. I looked at the current alpha and it didn't seem to, but I might have missed it.

Are there plans for this?


You can use the "Page Forward" and "Page Backward" actions. (3F Swipe)

Having a heck of a time figuring it out. I'm sure I'm being dense. Is there a tutorial for this somewhere? Thanks.

you just need to search the list of predefined actions for "forward" then you'll see the 3f swipe (page forward) action

I can find the action, I can't find the way to associate it with the mouse button.

EDIT: I probably wasn't clear, I'm talking about the side buttons, not the regular left/right mouse buttons.

I assume you're talking about the "Normal Mouse" config, too.