Widget - Display Icon / Name / Filename of Frontmost App / Document

Hey all,

I'm an extreme multitasker with a multimonitor setup. I'm constantly ALT+Tabbing between apps and OPT+Tabbing between windows.

To see which app is currently frontmost, I have to look at the upper-left corner of the menubar on each of the monitors to see which one is not greyed out and the app name. Besides being an ergonomic annoyance, sometimes I will confuse myself for a second and switch to another app / window despite the fact I was already on the correct app / window.

Anyway, If I could glance at the touchbar to see the current app ICON and/or NAME and/or FILENAME, I wouldn't have this issue.

I figure this would be pretty easy to implement given the recent addition of the Dock Widget.

What do you say?

Thank you!

Here's an AppleScript widget that updates itself to the foremost app. Icon and name are updated.

Current App.bttpresetcompressed.bttpresetcompressed (1.0 KB)

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