Why "show/hide Application" sometimes puts app back on Desktop where app was started regardless of setting "Assign to Desktop: None" ?!


E.g. with "Magic Number 2" calculator app: start it on Desktop 2, then press CMD+H (MacOS shortcut to hide app), switch to Desktop 3, single click on Application icon of the running Application "Magic Number 2" in MacOS-Dock, will switch back to Desktop 2 and show the app; and this even though when right clicking on the app in the MacOS-Dock -- Options -- "Assign to Desktop": None is chosen.

E.g. "Numi" calculator app: The same above steps work just fine, meaning the app re-appears on Desktop 3 (as it should if it's attached to NO specific desktop).

I actually have several apps that show this problem.

I suppose this is the fault of the application??

And any way that BTT could fix this problem for the application (and force the app to re-appear on the current desktop) ?!
(e.g. with an option "force to show app on current Desktop") ?

Thanks @Andreas_Hegenberg :slight_smile:

That's how the OS works and this would be really tricky to change as I understand it. If you know applescript there's probably a way to solve this but I don't think there's an easy solution for this.
Look at "Move window one space right/left" action that may be a good workaround.Or also mission control with show spaces.
And finally as alternative to calculator you can also use spotlight search, which is much faster to use if you just need to solve one simple calculation.

Hi @Julian_Steinmann, thanks a lot for your reply.

"That's how the OS works" ... but it seems to be App dependent... because one App (Numi) works as expected (not assigned to any desktop, the app re-appears on the current desktop when shown after been hidden).

And for other apps the desktop seems bound / fixed / static to the desktop where the app was started.

... actually I solved the problem for "Magic Number 2" :slight_smile: ... the app has a setting called "Window mode" with 3 possible values:

  • Normal
  • Hide on deactivation
  • Float above others

And during my tests this was actually set to "Hide on deactivation" ... which caused the app to behave not as expected. If set to "normal" the app behaves as expected when being activated after being hidden on another desktop!!