Why does BTT keep getting removed from my Users&Groups Login Items? And why does it crash periodically?

I don't know if this is just random but BTT occasionally gets removed from my upper bar (presumably crashed? I don't know). Is this a "thing"?
And why does it get removed from my login items all the time? I can't afix it to startup tasks, even after toggling lock

You need to activate the "launch BetterTouchTool on startup" in the BTT settings.

After I activate the "launch BetterTouchTool on startup" in BTT settings, then restart
• BTT does not start up
• in System Preferences, Users & Groups, Login Items BTT is described as "kind unknown" with a yellow triangle. Hovering on the triangle → "This item couldn't be found."

I've successfully run Disk Repair in recovery mode → no errors. Same result as above when I restart. Spotlight can find and open BTT with no problem.

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