Why does BTT automatically restart on unlock after lock/sleep?

Is this a known issue?

that has always been like this. BTT reinitializes after sleep and a restart is the most reliable way to achieve this (because BTT relies on tons of undocumented APIs)

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Thanks for the clarification! Just more noticeable now since I finally upgraded my stock TouchBar :p.

it's currently a bit slower than usual because of a bug in macOS - maybe that has already been fixed in 10.14.3, I'll check that soon.

So the option "Always show BTT Touch Bar after waking from sleep" has disappeared? My Touch Bar reverts back to the default one every time (and I have to click on "Your custom Touch Bar is currently hidden")

In v3.102 alpha you can try to activate this, which might make restarts a bit faster:

My issue is that;
All the triggers I have used is working flawlessly except one, about which I sent screen shot. I chose three programmes (word, excel and openoffice) openin at startup via macbook settings, and after macbook launches, these programmes are being closed by a trigger I made in BTT so that I enabled these programmes to open hot, I mean opening much faster as they used to. Everything was fine when I found out that, waking up my mac after a long sleep (about more than 15 minutes) all three programmes are closed by BTT although I had made the trigger just once during a session, at start up.
Maybe BTT restart itself after a long sleep so the trigger executes then, maybe because of some other reason. I searched via internet and community but couldn't find an answer.
I am using the last version 3.186
My computer is macbook air 2017
High sierra 10.13.6
My best sincerity.
Note: The trigger I mentioned is the last one on the screen shot

this question bother me a lot,
Is this possible to distinguish between chrome and chrome dev tools?
I am a web developer, want to add some debug button on touchbar for devtools.

now I can distinguish them by using window title, but I often switch chorme and devtools by cmd + `, in that case, the window title can't be changed as expected.

is there any other way to do that?

please~ been stuck for days.