Why does BTT add access to the contacts on a Mac?

Today I accidentally had to modify the access settings of the Mac for a new app, and I saw that BTT had the checkbox checked next to "Contacts", meaning, BTT was granted access to contacts.

I do understand that it needs access to Calendar and Notes for the widgets I have setup (calendar and notes), but I do not understand why it needs access to Contacts, since I have no such widget at all on my TouchBar.

Thus, why, and how did BTT gain access to the Contacts? I surely did not check that box myself :open_mouth:

I unchecked the box now... of course BTT still works, as it doesn't need access to Contacts :slight_smile:

BTT itself doesn’t use contacts for anything, but maybe you once used some script within BTT that did? (macOS would have asked you to allow this though)

Hmmm. Not that I’d recall, but since you say btt doesn’t require this permission on its own, I guess it must be like you say, perhaps I experimented once with something that required it…

Glad to hear this isn’t a default :+1: and sorry the post in this case!