Why do the UUIDs change?

Pretty much what is in the title; obviously the changing of the link messes everything connected to / triggered by it... Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to keep them fix?

I reproduce the "behaviour" by changing the actions position (up or down) ... then their UUID changes... but IF this is the ONLY reason, is a royal nuisance, it means that the already scarce ways of organizing my groups / shortcuts are further reduced; I really hope that's not the case. Please Andreas - when you can - shed some light over this matter. Thank you

And viva BTT!! :palm_tree::carrot::camel:

Mh, BTT shouldn't change the UUID when dragging a trigger.

Are you sure about this? I just tested dragging them around quite a bit and the UUID always stayed the same.

Well fuck me, now I cannot replicate... but I swear on my grandma's golden teeth that they have been changing and once in a while I've got a broken trigger which UUID I needed to copy cause it had become different. I'll keep investigating these strange :ghost:s. Anyway, appreciate you promptly reply Mr H :smiley: