Why do I have a subprocess called chatgpt

If I bring up Activity Monitor and filter by "Bettertouch" then a process called "https://chatgpt.com" comes up

By inspecting it I can see this

But I don't have any chatgpt feature active, I briefly installed the chatgpt-menubar preset for testing a few months ago but it is not active right now, so why do I see this process even though the I don't have anything using AI features?

Does BTT connect to OpenAi by default?

what chatgpt preset did you import exactly? Maybe it’s using a preloaded webview for performance. You can probably just disable the preset.

The thing is that it's already disabled, that's why my concern :thinking:

Are disabled preset still able to preload webviews?

could be a bug, does it go away if you delete the preset?

Yep, it went away after deleting the preset, so I guess it was a bug.
I don't even remember where I dowloaded it from, probably it was your official preset? :thinking:

Now I only have these processes

So a lot less than before and the process named chatgpt.com went away