Why Better Touch Tool is trying to play a video?

I have not started the app for today, and looks like it is trying to load some video in background.
After the first connection it is also attempted to connect to other vimeo servers.
What does it mean?

The update release notes contain an embedded feature video on Vimeo. Most likely that's that.

I see no dialogue of release notes, so why it is loading in background while I have "Silently download & install updates on restart" turned on?

Interesting, maybe the auto updater framework (Sparkle) is caching the release notes. But from your screenshots it looks like a webview is open. Are you sure the release notes window is not maybe hidden behind some other window?

Or you you have any floating webview actions configured in BTT?

I'm sure there were no dialogs of BTT open. I don't have floating webview actions enabled.

which version of BTT are you running?

Currently 4.001
But I think it installed update itself recently.

Still reproduced on v4.140

it's the autonupdater loading the release notes, it's not trying to play a video but the notes contain the vimeo reference

I understand but I don’t think that it is ok while AutoUpdate is enabled.
It should not download change-log while is never going to be displayed.

I agree. I think I have found a callback from the updater framework, which might allow me to prevent the downloading of the release notes. Will include that in the next alpha later today.

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loading release notes can be disabled in the settings

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I tried to disable it by default if updates are done in background, but the sparkle framework still tried to load the release notes sometimes... So now there is this option to disable loading & showing release notes completely (they can still be viewed from the menubar item)

great, thanks!