Why are images copied or not copied?

I don't think this is the fault of the BTT Clipboard Manager, I just don't understand in which cases images are copied and when they are not.

For example, if I highlight this part of a web page and then copy it ...

... then I get this, without the image :thinking:

That stuff is complicated.

Possibly the image has been copied, but not all apps can show the format of the copied data. BTT tries to use the best rendering it supports, but that doesn't always show the full content. Does it appear again if you paste in the same app where you copied it from?

Mm, if the same content of the BTT Clipboard Manager is pasted into TextEdit, then the image is displayed. But not in Scrivener. Then this is probably a Scrivener error?

Edit: Sometimes BTT shows a question mark instead of the picture

yes, I think then it should be a scrivener issue, BTT keeps an exact copy of the clipboard item (even if it is not always able to display everything)

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