Where to start?

I have a new macbook for work. I hate the touchbar, but I had no option to get an older model machine. I accidentally graze the escape 'key' all the time, and it's causing a lot of mistakes in my work.

It may have been impulsive, but someone on reddit said that this program can move the escape key out of the way, and so I bought a license.

Looking at the configuration window and these forums, I have no idea where or how to start to accomplish my goal.

Can someone please point me in the right direction?

In order to remove the esc key and have a total black, dead, Touch Bar:

But as @yuuiko said, having plenty of abilities in BTT it would be a pity to cut it off. Maybe just some slider actions would please you (swiping with two or three fingers over the Bar to rise/lower Sound/Luminosity?), or even actions you didn't even consider yet. Opening apps, files and links, having your Dock Displayed here, see your next Calendar events, triggering menu bar parameters, running Apple Scripts,… the possibilities are nearly endless, the only limits being your imagination and maybe scripting abilities :wink:

This f.eg. is how my TouchBar looks on a daily level! Feel free to ask for help if you struggle to get the settings or actions you want to achieve!

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Thank you so much, @Caliguvara ! I was able to follow your instructions quite easily, and now the accursed touch buttons only appear when I press the Fn key. Perfect!

I especially appreciate the time you took to provide screenshots - the configuration screen for this add-on is very arcane ane opaque, even to my app-developer coworkers and office IT department. It was not clear how to start, and I would not have been able to guess the results of the steps you laid out for me if I had not asked for them ahead of time.

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You're very welcome! As long as it helped you to get your computer to your maximal efficiency it's perfect!

Interesting comment,

I'm interested to know why you're having trouble working the UI out, and find it "very arcane ane opaque".
I did kind of design this UI (though didn't code and implement it), so maybe I could send a few tips over to the developer. Is there any specific things you see that are too abstract?

@yuuiko Don't worry too much :slight_smile: The UI feedback I received via various channels during the last few months has been really really great - the forum is only a small subset of people using BTT. Of course there is still space to improve (looking at your list), but for a tool as complex as BTT I think it has become much easier than ever before :slight_smile:

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I suppose that the existence of this thread, and the need for directions as specific, granular, and illustrated as those I was provided should tell you everything you need to know.

Opening the BTT config window again, there is nothing on that screen that shows me what the default configuration is, no prompts or controls that would clearly create a new button or command for the touch bar, no pre-made buttons or commands that I could copy and play around with, so on and so forth. I quite literally only have 2 empty boxes, one striped and one solid, and nothing else to go on.

I didn't have time when I made the thread to search for a tutorial online; I only had this forum. And even here, there's no "How to create a button" thread presented to first time users.

I would recommend a popup that is shown on the user's first login that links to a welcome message on the forum [that does not require registration to view], and possibly plays a tutorial video if the user wants to watch one. Don't bury it in context menus or the header bar. Alos, create a pre-loaded example set of controls that open Safari and take the user to the forums, or something else innocuous, so that the user can click that and see what a functional control looks like from the first minute.

Hope that perspective helps. Had it not been for Cali above, I would have requested a refund for my license by now.

That's what documentation (and the 45 day trial version!) is for :wink:

The BetterTouchTool introduction wizard even mentions the community for a good source to start looking for presets:

The documentation that is in the 7th link of the header that disappears on the 2nd click of the mousewheel? I'm sorry, but this is not prominent enough to expect anyone to find.

The popup you show buries the link to the forum in the 7th line of text, where the first two bullets don't contain any information that a new user would understand. Is that text even a link? Will the user not be distracted by the shiny purple button?

And when I came to the forum, you'll see that the best option for me to find information was to ask a stranger to help me, because finding the answer myself took longer than 20 minutes.

You may have some tools for new users; they are not effectively deployed. You don't need to convince me, and this is not an attack. I'm a user of your product, and I'm telling you that I had severe difficulties using it within the very first interaction. If your FTUE were sufficient, this conversation never would have happened.

If this app is somehow responsible for your livelihood, or if you want more people to benefit from all the other work you have put into the tool, you may want to consider showing someone where the 'on' button is.

The documentation is linked in the in the help menu and in the menu bar icon menu, I think it's really hard to miss it if you are looking for it.

The problem is that there is no "On" button. Every user needs some different features BTT provides, there is just no real way to guide users through all of these features. Moving the esc button is probably one example of a very niche requests a user might have.
Don't worry about my livelihood, BTT has been around for 10 years now and is doing fantastic :slight_smile:

What benefit do you get out of insulting your users?

I don't see any insults here, I just don't like people talking bad/condescendingly about stuff that was clearly a lot of work. Calling the app "very arcane and opaque" is probably the closest thing to an insult in this thread and I usually respond in the same way I was addressed.

Condescending language like

I suppose that the existence of this thread, and the need for directions as specific, granular, and illustrated as those I was provided should tell you everything you need to know.

doesn't help. Especially if it is directed at other users who invested their resources/time to help.

I started the thread off with "I can't figure out how this works".
I followed with "I don't think I could have used the tool without a guide".
I added "I could not find instructions when I needed them".

I was told instructions would are "very hard to miss if you are looking for it" directly after telling you that I was looking for them, and I could not find them.

By your statement, I am either a liar or an idiot. How else am I intended to receive your message?

The quote you picked was followed by several paragraphs detailing the places I looked to find info, and failed to do so. I then volunteered ideas about places I would imagine others would find info if they followed the process I did. My commented was not submitted alone, and I tried to answer the very polite question from your users only to be met with petty dismissal from you.

Please take a lesson from those users. Your customers deserve better.

compare it to

the configuration screen for this add-on is very arcane ane opaque, even to my app-developer coworkers and office IT department.

and think about how this message is received by the people who invested lots of time to make it. Maybe I interpreted too much into it though, I'm still grateful for some of the constructive feedback that followed later. By the way, this is the screen that is shown when first selecting the Touch Bar section (unless there was some sort of bug):