Where to find all trigger parameters? (docs, manuals)

hi, newbie here!

just a short question i hope:
where to find the script parameters that are possible to use to update a trigger?

eg: update_trigger MuteButton json "{"BTTTriggerConfig" : {"BTTTouchBarButtonColor" : "160,100,51,255"}}"

Where to find all parameters like 'BTTTriggerConfig' and their possible values?

More direct: i want to update the icon to a new one on click. But i just can not find what option this is, AND what the values could be.

Some pointers would be great.


You can always use the BTT UI to configure a trigger and then copy it to the clipboard to see how it is structured.

There are multiple ways to achieve what you described above, could you describe your exact use case?

ahh yes, the ctrl-c - ctrl-v to texteditor shows the settings.

As a practise, i just wanted to create a mute-button that changes icon when muted or not.

I got it working! hooray