Where can I see a demo of gestures?

There used to be a way to see an example of each gesture and maybe there still is but I can't find it. I have no idea what some of these gestures mean (like TipSwipe Left Finger Down) which leaves a lot of them unusable.

Have I missed this somewhere?

This would be a nice addition to have for sure.. some of the gestures are not very descriptive.

TipSwipe Left Finger Left? Huh?

I think I figured it out..

TipSwipe Left Finger Down (2 Finger Fix)

The "2 Finger Fix" things threw me off at first, as its very poorly worded. It should say "fixed" or "stationary" or "2 Fingers Down" or "2 Finders Placed"

So the gesture is, Place the Middle & Ringer Finger down on the trackpad, then with the "left" finger (Index Finger) swipe down with the Tip of the finger.

Basically the same w/ "TipSwipe Left Finger Left," except swipe left with the index finger. Which this gesture only seems to work 2 out of 5 attempts. At least for me. Another reason why I couldn't figure them out at first, because they don't always work.

TipTap ones are pretty easy to figure out

  • TipTap Middle (2 Finger Fix)
    Place Index & Ring Fingers down on the trackpad, then tap with the middle finger
  • TipTap Left (2 Finger Fix)
    Middle & Ring Fingers Down, tap with Index Finger
  • TipTap Right (2 Finger Fix)
    Index & Middle Fingers Down, tap with Ring finger

No bloody clue what "11 Fingers Tap.." is as I'm pretty sure I only have 10 fingers.. guess that is for the very very select few that have an extra finger?


Correct :grinning: (putting your whole hand on the trackpad would also work though)

I’m working on adding little animations for everything

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It would be really nice if we had the options of creating our own Gestures (not the drawing kind) for multiple finger instances.

The only one I see current is the option to setup a 4 Finger Tap in a sequence. But I'd like to add the gesture of "DoubleTap Left (2 Finger "Fix")" or 1 Finger Fixed (Index) while 2 Fingers Tap (Middle & Ring) or the numerous other things my little brain could come up with..

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that’s not possible. It’s really complex to add gestures and requires quite a bit of code. Feature requests for new gestures are always welcome though!

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Okay, I'll put together a list :wink: and throw it into the Feature Request section.

I much prefer Trackpad Gestures vs Keyboard Shortcuts. And I think having to press an modifier key kinda takes away from the "Not wanting to take my hand off the trackpad" situation :joy:

So the more Trackpad Gestures the better :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you so much for this detailed explanation! That was my guess but I think I also had trouble figuring things out because I couldn't get them to trigger.

@Andreas_Hegenberg Is it possible to add a tribute in a single in a certain order? For example, twice a single, waiting, and a single click again?