Where can I find the Clipboard Manager history settings

As a new user of BTT, I'm a bit overwhelmed by the options and customizations possibilities. One thing I haven't been able to figure out, is how to configure the Clipboard Manager. I've only found the settings to the corresponding widget.

What I am looking for is a way to either decrease the history size (the number of items that are kept in memory) or a way to quickly erase the full history (or both of course). I'm a pretty heavy user of the clipboard, and scrolling through my history, I've discover that I often copy passwords and others sensitive information too, and I would really like old information to disappear relatively quickly, or to be able to easily remove it by hand. Also, only 2 or 3 history slots would be sufficient for me.

I second this. Even though it's already powerful, Clipboard Manager deserves more attention that it has now. Eg. on my installation it takes sometimes up to a second or two to open (while a dedicated app such as Copy Em opens instantly), and it lacks privacy and performance tuning features.