When a window is snapped - a simple one pixel click on the window title unsnaps and restores the window

When I snap a window (lets say to the left) and then i go to click on the window at the top to select it - even if my cursor is shifting a single pixel during the click the window unsnaps and restores.

I know you can disable the unsnap window restore to size - what i want is for a click on the window to not immediately unsnap the window until it is dragged a few more pixels - its way too sensitive. Nearly every time I click on a window to select it - it unsnaps. This is a very different behavior than Window has ever done (ive never noticed this on a Windows PC).


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This is not a bug but intended behavior. (BTT & BetterSnapTool rely on the system drivers that determine whether a mouse move should really be interpreted as mouse move or discarded as accidental).
I'm not a windows user, but I haven't had negative feedback about this behavior in my apps for the last 10 years :slight_smile:

However I'll move this to feature requests, making this more configurable could be a good idea.