What's with all the updates?

Hi all -

I have 'automatic update checking' enabled, and for the first few weeks since installing BTT, I'd get normal update pop-ups, but lately, the updates are popping up every few days.

Within the settings, I do not have 'alpha updates' selected (and I never check for alpha updates), so are these frequent updates true stable releases, or some kind of early builds?

What's odd is, each description of the updates starts with 'this is the first update of 2020', even though it's probably the 12th one or so, and it also looks like the rest of the changes listed in each update description are the same as well. so I don't know what logic this is following. I do not want beta builds, just actual stable releases.

So, is this a recent bug, or are unofficial releases/beta builds being pushed out by default when 'check for updates' is selected?


The changelog is not always updated, that why you still see the same "message".

Thanks for the reply, I am thinking that updating the change log with every release would be an important step so that the user who is presented with an 'update' pop-up message knows what's in the release, and if it's an official release or not. I've never seen an update for software with the previous update's change notices (or from several releases ago).

So, my question still remains, are these frequent updates official releases? In other words, if a new user downloads BTT for the first time, are these (almost) daily updates included in the latest official download?

I ask because I want to avoid all beta releases (I've already opted out of Alpha builds), and only want to be notified about the actual releases. With no information in the change log, and odd behavior after some of these frequent releases, I am not at ease installing each one anymore.

For example, every other release or so, the my Touch Bar preset goes into 'hidden' mode and I have to go into settings and disable that to see my preset. This also happens at random when my MacBook wakes from sleep. Also, the script for my AirPods Pro has to be repasted in my GC preset after only some updates, not all.

So if I knew which updates were official, or betas, I'd be better informed and can make better decisions. My trial period for BTT is ending in about a week, and I intended on buying it, as I think it's worth the steep price, but I am concerned about these rollouts and overall stability before I commit.

This question/post is directed to the developer, so I am hoping he or someone in the know can reply.

Thank you!

If you don't check for updates manually and have auto update enabled and alpha updates disabled, you will only receive the stable ones that have been marked as "stable for rollout to all users" (default setting). For these versions the change log is updated. If you check manually you might receive updates that are marked as stable, but not yet rolled out to all users. If you have alpha updates enabled you will receive updates daily.

The rollout is always in multiple phases, the concept of "stable", beta, etc. is quite fluid with BTT (has always been like this). The most stable versions are those which are automatically rolled out.

The touch bar hidden issue is not related to the updates, it's an issue with macOS Catalina, which can not fully be prevented.

Thank you for your reply. I do not check for updates manually, I have alpha updates disabled (never enabled them) and BTT still presents an update screen (almost) daily with usually the same change log. Is there anywhere else I can looking within BTT settings to make sure all configured as it should be?

Also, the touch bar is marked as hidden with BTT settings, the MacOS keyboard settings on the Catalina side are the same/unchanged. Not sure if that changes anything, as I am sure the issue is still on the MacOS side, just wanted to clarify.

Do you have a valid license installed? (Because trial versions also check more regularly for updates, but apart from that I can't think of anything.)

Jup, unfortunately the hide issue is unrelated to the macOS settings.

Yes, I am still in trial mode. And just a few minutes ago, version 3.332 (1529) popped up as a new release. So I am assuming I am getting daily builds?

I also find this part of the app quite confusing. I have automatic update checking enabled and alpha channel disabled. Right now it's reporting 3.740 is available but change log is out of sync, having 3.735 (January, 21, 2022) as the latest entry. BetterTouchTool shows the same.

IMO, I'd rather not have a new version available than not be able to tell what are the diffs in the latest stable version. No rant, just commenting!

Thank you for working on this great app once again!

If there is no changelog, it's just bugfixes that are only rolled out when manually checking for updates or when on the alpha channel.

Ok, disabling automatic update checking and waiting for the next version to see if it'll make more sense to me. Thanks!

@Andreas_Hegenberg can I see these bugfixes somewhere, though? For me it makes sense to know about those and whether I should upgrade or not. I slowly started gaining resistance towards software updates of all apps in general and prefer bugfixes to features (especially if I'm satisfied with current feature set) so for me it'd be valuable to have a regular CHANGELOG behavior here.

For bigger bugfixes I list them in the release notes of the stable versions. Small things I don’t write down - mostly because it’s a lot of work too do so :see_no_evil:

As a single developer I need to prioritize a lot and these detailed changelogs are really a lot of extra (mental) workload which I decided to avoid (I did them for quite a while but am much happier without them now)

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Hey there!

Even if I uncheck "automated updates" it still pops up every time, I wake up my laptop from standby. This is kind of annoying. Do you have any solutions?


Today update is the first since ~4-6 weeks. So if you had them pop up during that time, you are either on the alpha channel or there is some other issue.

Which version of BTT are you on? Is the alpha option checked?

Thank you for the fast reply!
All boxes are unchecked.
So I will try to do one update now and from then on it maybe will be silent.