What version of BTT for El Capitan


Have seen that version 3.742 does run, however, might one check if there is a later version that should also work on El Capitan please.


Unfortunately I don't know. I haven't used El Capitan for 6 years :wink: Is there a reason you are staying on this (dangerously insecure) macOS version?

The limit was raised with the 4.xxx versions to 10.13 because the old ones do not have the necessary API's available to run the new stuff. Even before that I'm not completely sure though.

You can get previous versions here if you want to try yourself: Index of /releases

Thanks for the quick reply,
I am in the process of purchasing a new iMac.
Until then I am lucky enough that my old one from 2007 still works and still allows access to most of the software I need to run.

Ah the 2007 model is indeed unfortunate. Most other models you can still use with macOS Ventura using the OpenCore Legacy Patcher (dortania.github.io), but for the 2007 model it seems to be necessary to replace the CPU.

Yep, I did looking running patched version of macOS.
However, I like to look at this as motivation to get a new, whilst still old, iMac.

What is amazing is how little the OS has changed over the years. One of my big hates with new drops of Windoze was having to spend time learning the OS.

Its still great to see that with Apple the OS almost disappears and leaves one to focus on the software.
Sure, I am having to use Chrome more as Safari doesnt allow, for example, posting on sites like this.

Thanks once again for the amazing quick reply :slight_smile: