What to do when BTT doesn't work in an app?

Hi all, new user here, novice level. :stuck_out_tongue: Only need BTT to add TB capability to apps and games that don't support it. Nothing complex or fancy, mostly want the Function keys to show without losing TB functionality for other apps.

I figured out how to add Function Keys in one game using BTT, which is awesome! Love that you can color them to make particular keys stand out / be easier to find.

However .. the keys I created don't show up at all in another game. I used the same process of creation for both games (selected the "active" game, then created the Fkeys). Is there anything I can do to make the BTT keys show up in the game that doesn't currently see them? I can activate the basic TouchBar commands from inside this game, so I'm baffled why the TB keys don't show up.

Thanks for any assistance / guidance.

(OS 10.13.4)