What to do if function not defined in app?

I will try to explain in a basic way.

In Google Chrome, I use ⌘` (command+backtick) to cycle between windows. To cycle between open tabs in individual windows, I use ⌥⌘→ and ⌥⌘← (command+alt+right arrow or command+alt+left arrow).

Works great.

I want to have the same commands function in the same way in other apps where I'm using windows and tabs.

My main example is Tradingview's app.

However, Tradingview doesn't respond to ⌥⌘→, I think because the Select Next Tab or Select Previous Tab functions are not even defined in the app.

So there's nothing in the Window menu, for example, in the app that relates to cycling across tabs.

Frustrating, because the Tradingview app is simply a sandboxed browser, in effect. The app is not greatly different form accessing Tradingview via Chrome. But it has some advantages, including getting rid of some of Chrome's own UI.

At any rate, I'm struggling to find a way to get, within Tradingview, a way to cycle open tabs.

Is it impossible if this function is not defined somewhere by an app itself?