What should happen if I have the same key configured twice?

I have a small external macro-keypad which is configured as a "Generic Device" (I just found it worked better that way).

I have key5 of the keypad configured to perform one action at the Global scope, and the same key configured to perform a different action assigned to a specific application. The Global scope action seems to take precedence over the application scope. Is that expected?

I wasn't sure if BTT supported a form of "cascading scope" - so that if the same key was assigned twice, Global would be used unless a specific application also had the same key configured - in which case, assuming I was using the specified application, the action for the application would be used instead of the global one.


As far as I know, no. The global trigger works in all apps, unless this trigger is also assigned only to one app. In this case the app-specific action is executed.

Similar apps like BTT also produce a conflict between global and app-specific triggers, which doesn't seem very useful to me.

Yes like Frank1 said, App Specific triggers will always override globally defined ones (if the app is the active app) because they are more specific.

I just confirmed that this is working for generic devices.

Thanks both - it is today working as expected:

IF global THEN key5 does THIS, ELSE IF the specified app is active THEN key5 does THAT.

Wasn't happening on Friday, perhaps a restart of something helped. :slight_smile: