What is this button in the control strip and how to get rid of it?

[fig. 1]

Today I noticed a button that appears in the Touch Bar control strip when audio is being played and the app/tab that is playing it is not being focused, for example when a YouTube video is running and you open a new tab. When it is clicked on, it reveals a widget that controls the audio.

[fig. 2]

It would have been all fine and good if it didn't cover up the custom BTT control strip button as shown in figure 1. The BTT control strip button is only visible (fig. 2) when you click the button the red arrow is pointing towards. Does anyone have any idea what that button is? Is that button a macOS built-in, something to do with Safari, or is caused by some third-party app? And if that button is not caused by a third-party app, is there any way to disable it or prevent it from covering the BTT control strip button? Thanks.

I'm pretty sure it's an Apple built in thing.
you should be able to remove it by:

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Search for 'Touch Bar'
  • Go all the way down to 'Touch Bar'
  • Click 'Customise Control Strip'

This should let you remove it by dragging it to the bin icon.
Let me know if there's any problems


Unfortunately in some situations BTT can't prevent it being covered by these audio widgets (e.g. Spotify). Therefore I usually recommend to define a keyboard shortcut in BTT and assign the predefined action "Toggle BetterTouchTool Touch Bar" to show/hide the Touch Bar.

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